Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Snippets ~ Pieces of the Past

Sunday SnippetsSunday Snippets is a Blog Hop of sorts, a chance to sample a segment of an author’s work. Today I’m sharing a snippet from my novel, Pieces of the Past, published by Books We Love. Hope you enjoy it!


Christine took a seat at the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for Ethan.

He sat and watched her face intently.

She sighed. Ryan’s appearance had been enough of a distraction that she’d calmed considerably. But fear still bubbled inside her, and she tried to tamp it down. “Ethan, it’s very important that you answer my question. Who gave you the Cubs cap?”

He slumped in his chair. “Just a guy at the pool, Mom. He was there with his son. They were in the chairs next to ours. I noticed the hat sitting on top of his towel and shirt, and said I liked it. He asked if I was a Cubs fan, and I didn’t know what to say, so I said, ‘sort of’.”

Christine felt awful for him. Why should he know what to say? The question would have tripped her up, and she was thirty-five. Even with all the training the marshals gave them, they couldn’t cover every subject, or come up with an answer to every possible question. Sure, I used to be a Cubs fan, before we were forced to move away and change our identities. “What did the man say?”

“He just kind of laughed. He said he and his son were done swimming and that I could keep the cap. I told him I couldn’t, but he left it on the chair next to me. I shouldn’t have taken it, I know that, but I couldn’t resist. He just left it there.”

“You didn’t see him after that?”

“No.” Ethan shook his head.

Thoughts rolling through her mind, Christine rose to get plates and silverware. She poured two glasses of milk and cut the pizza. After one slice, she was beginning to relax a little. Not such a big deal, she decided. Just a man being nice. He didn’t have a prolonged conversation with Ethan, didn’t try anything funny. He simply gave him a ball cap. Ethan had probably been drooling over it. The man was just being nice. She smiled. Her son could turn the charm on when he wanted to.

He’d calmed as they ate, too. He was on his third slice of pizza when he made the observation, “Funny how I keep finding Cubs stuff. Like the second day of school, when I found those folders. Now this cap. Funny.”

Christine froze. She’d forgotten about the folders. Two new, glossy pocket folders found lying next to his books on the playground at school, both bearing Cubs logos. Ethan said he’d asked around and nobody claimed them.

Her stomach lurched. Coincidence? I think not.

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