Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Snippets ~ Playing For Keeps ~ Final Snippet

Sunday SnippetsSunday Snippets is a Blog Hop of sorts, a chance to sample a segment of an author’s work. Today I’m sharing a final snippet from my novel, Playing For Keeps, published by Books We Love. Hope you enjoy it!


The phone rang four separate times. It has to be Rob. No one else knows I'm here. She ignored it. What else is there to say?
When her doorbell rang at eight-thirty that evening, she tried to ignore that, too. Rob was persistent, and kept ringing for the twenty minutes it took Maddie to drag herself out of bed. She glanced in the mirror as she passed it, and thought she looked like a ghost with a pale face and sunken red eyes. Good. Let him see what he's done to me.
She threw open the door. "What could you possibly have to say to me?"
Rob didn't look much better. His eyes were red rimmed and filled with anguish. "I don't know," he admitted. "I just had to see you."
She motioned to her living room and stepped aside so he could enter. She closed the front door, and took a slow deep breath. As she dropped into one chair, he sat on the edge of another, across from her. She stared at him.
"Maddie," he began, but trailed off again.
"You said that to me earlier. If you haven't got anything to add, I'd say we're done here."
He breathed in and out quietly, a couple times, and Maddie flinched when she realized how handsome he still seemed. His hair fell in his face when he looked down. It was sun-bleached and golden and she could just run her hands through it. She steadied herself and made herself remember what he said to her that morning. As much as she wanted to, she was not letting him in her bed tonight.
"I'm so sorry Maddie. I never meant for this to happen."
"You were so concerned about Sophie, and how it would affect her, bringing another woman into your life. You didn't want us to do anything to hurt Sophie. And now here you are, turning her life completely upside down. Funny, you turned out to be the one to hurt Sophie."
He looked at her with flat, empty eyes. "Sophie's a trooper. She's going to be happy to have her mommy and daddy together again."
Maddie scoffed and nodded. "I guess you're right. I forgot that. So then, I'm the only one to get hurt in all this. Because, you've turned my life upside down, too. I was just starting to think that maybe we really had something together."
"I never, ever, thought in a million years that things would turn out this way. I wouldn't have started anything with you if—"
"If you'd have realized that you were still in love with Dionne? I guess I realized that before you did. Would you like to know how?"
He blinked, unspeaking.


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