Sunday, October 11, 2015

High Maintenance ~ Sunday Snippets

High Maintenance is a romantic short story which is available as a $.99 single title, or as part of the Impulsive Anthology, at most all online booksellers. Below is the link to the Books We Love store where it can be purchased using Paypal or credit card in PDF, mobi/Kindle and epub/Nook/many other readers. 

Hope you enjoy!

The desk clerk wasn't behind the counter. After watching him sweep up small messes all morning, she knew where his broom and dustpan were. Maybe she could handle this herself. Her family had caused it, after all.  

She stood and leaned on her crutches. Hobbling to the restroom was difficult enough, sweeping was going to be a challenge. Determined to give it a try, she limped behind the counter, where she found the broom and dustpan. Clutching a tool in each hand, with a tenuous grip on her crutches, she carefully made her way to the popcorn spill. She had almost all the kernels swept into a pile when a voice came from behind her. 

"What are you doing?" 

Deidre jumped, dropping the broom and losing one crutch.
Before she could fall, someone grabbed her by the arms. 

"I didn't mean to startle you. I just asked what you were doing. It's my job to sweep in here." The voice boomed deep and masculine. 

She gazed over her shoulder at the man who towered several inches above her. He had the ruddy complexion of someone who spent lots of time outdoors. Thick, shaggy, dark hair curled around his face, overlapping the collar of his flannel shirt. He was handsome, but at the moment, appeared irritated. 

She forced herself to speak. "I'm sorry. My niece made a mess, and I was trying to clean it up." 

"Not necessary, and not very sensible." 

Deidre realized she leaned against him, and pulled away. "Like I said, sorry. I only wanted to help." 

He released her arms, bent down for the fallen crutch, and handed it to her. A smile hinted at the corners of his mouth. "No need to get defensive. I meant that I'd rather not see you break your other leg. Let me help you to a chair." 

"I'm fine." 

He stared at her, and she relented. "I was sitting over there."  

"I know. I saw you when I came in. My name's Rick, by the way."


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