Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Snippets ~ High Maintenance

High Maintenance is a romantic short story which is available as a $.99 single title, or as part of the Impulsive Anthology, at most all online booksellers. Below is the link to the Books We Love store where it can be purchased using Paypal in PDF, mobi/Kindle and epub/Nook/many other readers. 

Hope you enjoy!
"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one," the bandleader counted down. 

"Happy New Year!" The room full of people joined in, cheering. 

Deidre North raised her glass of champagne to toast. She tapped the crystal against that of the man next to her and, even in the noisy room, she heard the light tinkling sound. Sipping, she watched him over the rim of her glass. 

He removed the stemware from her hand, setting it next to his on the table. "Happy New Year." 

Leaning in, he placed a light kiss on her lips. "Let's dance." 

"Are you joking?" She glanced down at the plaster cast which covered her left leg, knee to toes. 

"I'm very serious. Lean your crutches against the table." He took them from under her arms, setting them aside.  

"I can't stand by myself." She held the table for support. 

"You don't have to. Lean on me. Put your arms around my neck."

Uncertain if that was a good idea, she hesitated. 
"Like this." He smiled, placing her hands on his shoulders. "Hang on." Clutching her around the waist, he lifted her effortlessly, carrying her to the edge of the dance floor.

Deidre had no choice but to latch on to his neck. "You're crazy!" 

"Crazy about you." He set her down on her good foot, but kept a tight grip. "I was really just trying to get you into my arms." 

"You're a naughty, naughty man." 

He chuckled. "I could be naughtier, if you'd give me the chance."


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  1. Love the excerpt. I always dream that someone could lift me and sweep me away. One of my fondest wishes.

    1. Thanks Ginger. This was definitely a 'sweep me away' romantic story!

  2. Jaimie, as always, a great opening hook! Your novels have a wonderful sense of time and place.