Saturday, April 9, 2016

TV Review ~ The Ranch on Netflix

If you know me you're aware that I'm a Netflix convert and thoroughly enjoying what I find there. Some days I even venture away from my umpteenth viewing of Friday Night Lights and Bloodline reruns...some days. When I do, I find some nifty little jewels.

The Ranch is a new Netflix original comedy starring Sam Elliot (plus side) Debra Winger (love her), Ashton Kutcher (ehhh) and Danny Masterson (didn't know him). Apparently Masterson and Kutcher worked together on That 70's Show, but I haven't seen that one. There's a good supporting cast including Elisha Cuthbert and Kelli Goss. Aimee Teegarden from FNL even had a cameo. I see Kathy Baker's name in upcoming credits. I liked her on Picket Fences very much.

The language is coarse because it's Netflix and they can. I found it funny and while some of the jokes are totally lame, some made me Laugh Out Loud. There were enough of those LOL moments that I kept watching and have to say I enjoyed the first 10 episodes. Rather than make us wait a year, Netfilx will introduce another 10 eps later in 2016, calling it season 1, part 2. I like it.

The year plus wait for Bloodline to come back has been interminable. Don't judge me if I can quote scenes from memory for watching it so much. (You haven't seen Bloodine? It's good quality romantic suspense, which we all know is my favorite genre. Another caveat on the language, they drop the f-bomb a lot. Personally, I love to hear it coming out of Kyle Chandler's mouth. You know Coach Taylor used the f-bomb, they just couldn't show it on network TV!)

Here's a good trailer for The Ranch.

And just for the f*#@ of it, here's the trailer for Bloodline. If you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing. Bloodline comes back for season 2 May 27 and I'll post my take here on May 28. LOL No, seriously. <grin> Oh look, it's Kyle Chandler. You're welcome.

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