Short Stories

Available separately for 99 cents:

All That Jazz  
High Maintenance 
Playing With Destiny

These three titles also available in the Impulsive anthology which includes a fourth story, Three Wishes, for $2.99

Two anthologies which have a story of Jamie’s in them:

The Cupid Diaries, including Light of Day by Jamie Hill  
A Yuletide Wish, including Ginny’s Gift (paperback only)

All That Jazz

Devon Knight has a secret. He’s been watching his neighbor, beautiful Gia Malone, through their apartment windows, every day while he practices his trumpet. She doesn’t seem to notice, but she does sway in time to the rhythm of his jazz music. When he finally musters up enough courage to talk to Gia, he finds her more beautiful and charming than he dared to imagine. He also discovers Gia has secrets of her own.

99 cent short, also featured in Impulsive anthology

 High Maintenance

Deidre North is enjoying a ski vacation with her family after Christmas, when an accident sidelines her from the slopes with a cast on her leg. She’s depressed about spending another New Year’s Eve alone, until she meets the lodge’s handsome maintenance man. Rick Beaufort is good with his hands, but is he smooth enough to convince this high maintenance woman to take a chance on him?

99 cent short, also featured in Impulsive anthology

Playing With Destiny

When beautiful witch Calista Canyon discovers the man of her dreams living right next door, she does everything to get him to notice her without using magic. She finally gets his attention, but does Ryan Lenhart know exactly what he’s getting? And who is the other witch placing spells on Ryan? Calista is determined to find out who’s trying to fracture their future before it even gets started
99 cent short, also featured in Impulsive anthology

The Cupid Diaries
“Moments in Time”
A Romance Anthology from Classic Romance Revival Authors

Includes the story Light of Day by Jamie Hill

Sarah Carlson is cautious when she encounters a hitchhiker walking near her weekend cabin on a stormy night. She has a child in the car and knows better than to pick Reid Walker up, but one look into his eyes has her rethinking common sense and her options.

Her husband’s been dead for two years, but Sarah hasn’t seriously looked at other men. The one who’s shown the most interest was a deputy along with her husband, and a relationship seemed complicated. It’s been a long, dry spell, and Reid’s charming smile is hard to ignore.

Sarah not only allows Reid into her house but also into her bed, with no regrets until the sheriff and his deputy come around the next day. Sarah discovers Reid isn’t who he says he is, and that things often look different in the Light of Day.

A Yuletide Wish

Pumpkin pie, mistletoe, fireworks…happy holidays! Established authors from around the globe bring you a rich tapestry of family-friendly stories and poems to enliven your holiday gatherings. Are you ready for an easy evening with a cup of hot cocoa and a good-news, happy-ending set of stories? Night Wolf Publications’ “A Yuletide Wish” fits the bill with an uplifting offering that holds something for everyone in the family.

Includes the story Ginny’s Gift by Jamie Hill

Ginny Reese is running out of time. With Christmas just five days away, the single mom and waitress is trying to save her tip money to buy the one present her eight-year-old son has his heart set on. But the Christmas spirit is waning, both hers, and that of her tight-fisted customers, as the tips are slow to come in. Will she provide Shaun with the one gift he truly wants? And what gift is in store for her?

(Paperback only)

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